About us

Our members come together for our annual Commonwealth Fashion Industries Meeting taking place in April 2018 and coinciding with the Commonwealth Summit in London. ’Towards a Common Future’ is the theme for the 2018’s Commonwealth Year (click here to see more about our launch year).

Along with programmes, we push forward the ‘100% Made in the Commonwealth’ initiative which support cross regional trade, exposure and income to encourage designers and manufacturers to think more about sustainability and ethical processes across CFI’s.

Creating one voice? We are accredited by 52 governments which allows us to bring together industries and key decision makers (ministers and policy drivers) from across Africa, Pacific, Caribbean, Americas, Asia and Europe. We plan to utilise this missing link for the global fashion sector by addressing current and future issues by using industry leaders to influence policies for a better and more connected global fashion sector. We aim to have far reaching inclusive impact, with results across emerging and developed industries, something which has been lacking within the global fashion sector.

We operate in line with the Commonwealth Charter and fully acknowledge the 3 trillion USD global fashion sector as a tool to develop people, groups, and nations, but also the importance of creating a more conscious industry and consumer as they have the power to rewire processes.

Fashion is the second most polluting industry on the planet, we fundamentally educate tomorrows youth population and ready them for turning the industry towards a more sustainable and responsible future. The Commonwealth’s population (2.2 billion) has over 40% of the worlds youth within, as a focus audience, they are crucial and the Commonwealth offers us a window to engage with this crucial audience.

We are here to champion that mission through our Programmes and to bring together the Commonwealth Fashion Industries (CFI’s) who contribute around 100 billion USD to the global fashion sector.